Vaccination Training

Badger Vaccination Training Courses

Badger Vaccination Training Courses now on offer for:

Module 1: Field surveying to support badger vaccination
Module 2: Pre-baiting and trap siting for badger vaccination

The Badger Ecology Wales LTD training course is two days per module, which combines both classroom sessions with practical fieldwork out on a farm. This course is run in accordance with APHA training guidelines, and supported by the Welsh Government.

Content of module 1:

This module teaches you how to:

  • Identify badger field signs
  • Map read and produce survey maps
  • Carry out fieldwork safely
  • Follow bio-security guidelines during surveying
  • Record badger sett activity and other field signs
  • Interpret survey maps
  • Survey different habitat types
It does not teach you how to:
  • Site traps or dig in
  • Set traps
  • Vaccinate
  • Apply for your license
  • Comply with rules on trapping and vaccinating badgers
Badger prints

Content of module 2:

This module teaches you how to:

  • Look for badger field signs
  • Apply for your licence
  • Comply with the rules on badger trapping
  • Carry out fieldwork safely
  • Follow bio-security guidelines when trapping
  • Estimate the number of traps to deploy
  • Plan where to site badger traps
  • Pre-bait
  • Interpret bait uptake during pre-baiting

This module does not give you background information about badgers and bovine TB, or teach you how to:

  • Carry out a field survey
  • Map read or produce survey maps
  • Vaccinate

These two courses allow you to then apply to train for module 3 to gain your certificate of competence with APHA at Woodchester Park and become a qualified badger Vaccinator.

Please contact us for details for the next available sessions in 2020.