About Us

About Us

Badger Ecology Wales offers a tailored service of badger vaccination to landowners such as farmers, conservation groups and private individuals wishing to reduce the spread of bovine TB on their land. We also offer artificial sett construction and sett closure and can give badger advice, surveys or mitigation plans on request. Our team includes a Veterinary Surgeon who has many years experience with disease management and an experienced Badger consultant, fully trained, insured and Lantra qualified.

We work hard to ensure the best possible results

Our team are highly-experienced wildlife professionals, who have a deep knowledge of badgers, the wildlife law and planning permission. We also offer the following services

  • Nocturnal observation using night vision equipment and automated motion cameras
  • Habitat suitability assessments
  • Sett detection and status assessment

Our team consists of vets, vaccination experts and ecologists

We are familiar with the needs of Natural Resources Wales, The Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer of Wales, APHA and DEFRA, and have worked under Natural Resource Wales badger licences over 20 times.

As commercial consultants, we understand the requirements of business and commerce, as well as how to maintain good public relations. Badger Ecology Wales also have a good understanding of project management methods and time planning.



George Walters - Senior Partner

George is one of the leading badger experts in Wales and has project managed one of the largest badger surveys in the UK. He has vaccinated over 220 badgers with BCG, as part of the Welsh Governments Badger Vaccination Grant Scheme, and has created and closed badger setts for the purpose of construction, throught Pembrokeshire.  George is passionate about badger welfare and can offer expert guidance on all aspects of badger ecology.

Laura Howell BVSc MRCVS - Partner

Laura qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 2008 and has worked with large animals in clinical practice.  Laura has TB tested cattle on farms throught Wales and can offer tailored TB management advice, badger surveys and bio-security plans on request.  Laura has a keen interest in disease management and is passionate about animal welfare.